Every week we are going to be giving three featured artists, that have either released new music or are launching themselves, a write up so you can get to know them better!

This week we have Mt. Doubt, Acrylic and VanIves. Here’s our first look into brand new artist VanIves and their recent launch night performance in Glasgow.

We had the absolute pleasure of heading through to Glasgow to catch VanIves first ever performance. VanIves are a Glaswegian two-piece who have recently been picked up by Breathe Underwater Management, the future is looking nothing but bright for the duo.

Lead singer Stuart’s haunting voice flows out across a room filled with encapsulated new fans, wrapping everyone up in the warm tones of this voice. There was not a soul in the room who was not in awe of the sheer power contained in every note he sang.

Electronic tones added another layer of depth to each track, intertwining with the vocals to create buoyant airy melodies creating an underlying rich luring element drawing you further into the intricate layers of each track. Their performance wrapped around each silent audience member, who only broke their silence to cheer and clap as they witnessed this new found talent.

Picking up his acoustic guitar he broke into an evoking track. Mic-less, the powerhouse that is his talent became the forefront of everyone’s focus, leaving the crowd in awe of his sheer talent. Packed into around thirty minutes his performance proves his place amongst 2017’s brightest artists, VanIves should definitely be at the top of your list of artists to see when you get the chance.

Keep an eye out for future material!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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