Every week we are going to be giving three featured artists, that have either released new music or are launching themselves, a write up so you can get to know them better!

This week we have Mt. Doubt, Acrylic and VanIves. Here’s our first look into Mt. Doubts new single ‘Mouthwash’.

This week saw Edinburgh based alt indie act Mt.Doubt release their double A side split single ‘Mouthwash’ via Scottish Fiction. Pursuing a brighter sound than their usual dark brooding demeanour, ‘Mouthwash’ opens with a colourful riff introducing us to warm dulcet vocals against a backdrop of glitchy guitar elements, sparkling synth refrains and airy harmonies.

We’ve been gifted an ironically contrasting track as the overall sunny disposition created is met with lyrics littered with references to post relationship self-pity and moping. Going against a growing feel good air contained within the track.

A clever track both lyrically and sonically, ‘Mouthwash’ combines delightful synth elements with honest lyrics, giving a relatable undertone that draws you into the tracks depths. ‘Mouthwash’ is an exciting look into Mt. Doubts ability at penning varying luring tracks with that same continuous gritty feel.

Give ‘Mouthwash’ a listen below!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017

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