Every week we are going to be giving three featured artists, that have either released new music or are launching themselves, a write up so you can get to know them better!

This week we have Mt. Doubt, Acrylic and VanIves. Here’s our first look into Acrylic’s new single ‘Where I Lie’.

A haunting buildup is created by an echoing wall of synth sounds matched by a dulcet guitar refrain and subtle percussion. We are then met with lead singer Andreas’ lilting baritone vocals – Fluidly moving into the track’s chorus. Buoyant melodies intertwine with an insistent drum rhythm as sparkling guitar riffs sit atop the luring emotive air.

An underlying building energy can be felt throughout the track’s duration, coming to a close ‘Where I Lie’ leaves us with resonating guitars fading out alongside faint percussive and bass elements leaving you hanging on every note of this sublime single.

Capturing Acrylic’s usual atmospheric feel, ‘Where I Lie’ is an evoking three minute track combining delicately dreamy instrumentation with powerful vocals. Leaving us excited for future material from Acrylic and proving their place amongst Scotland’s brightest up and coming acts.

Give ‘Where I Lie’ a listen below!

Kitt @ New Wave Testament 2017




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